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Paula Froehle is a FILM DIRECTOR, VISUAL ARTIST, EDUCATOR and ENTREPRENEUR with over 30 years experience in film and education.

As a FILMMAKER she has directed 12 films and over 20 media projects. Her directing credits include her feature-length documentary, “The Show Must Go On, An Intimate Portrait of The Flying Wallendas,” which screened at numerous festivals and is distributed by MVD Entertainment Group. She is currently working on COLONY, a documentary following an ex-con-turned-beekeeper.

As a VISUAL ARTIST she explores new approaches to traditional mediums. Most recently blending portraits and stitching to create "floating drawings".

As an ENTREPRENEUR she has been involved in the founding of several successful startups, including Opal Pictures design & film production company (2004-pres); Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy media arts college (as Founding Academic Dean, 2007-2014), and Chicago Media Project (2014-pres), a member-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting impact documentary work and presenting the DOC10 Film Festival each year.

She is also co-founder & co-fund manager of CMP Invest/Impact (CMP I/I) one of only two equity funds in the US to invest in documentary films as a "pay it forward" approach in supporting documentary work.

As an EDUCATOR she was Founding Academic Dean of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, where she developed an intensive, immersive degree program in Film & Broadcast Media, Recording Arts, Game Design & Interactive Media, VFX & Animation and Design & Visual Communication.In addition Froehle has developed MA curriculum in Social Impact Media for Saybrook University, Oakland, CA.


Small enough to fit in your pocket. Big enough to change the world.

My boutique short doc endeavor:

To be without a story is to be lost in the vastness of a world that spreads out in all directions like arctic tundra or sea ice.
— Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway, Nearby


Un Chien Andalou by Bunuel + Dali

Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren

La Jetee by Chris Marker

Man on Wire by James Marsh

Anything by the Quay Brothers

ICARUS by Bryan Fogel

306 Hollywood by Elan & Jonathan Bogarin

so many others...



The coast of Maine

Cadaques, Spain

San Francisco (too easy)

My home

“It's all in what you choose to put a frame around in the world.”

My first film. A found footage loop, optically printed. My first love.


Watch - at 1:14 something extraordinary happens.

DAD @ 80 + new technology = just speeding along.